Fitness Trainer : Personal Trainer Mount Gravatt East


NuStrength is a private personal training studio located in Brisbane South. Our fitness professionals personal trainers has unique system dedicated to the tangible progression because they feel passionately about being active, fit, and healthy, and want to help educate others with what they know. If you are an intermediate or professional everyone can do with a coach that programmes specifically to your needs, the NuStrength team are up there with the best. Our personal trainer Mount Gravatt East, are able to be social, helpful and on-the-go during a typical work day, rather than stuck behind a desk for eight hours.

At NuStrength we recognise that everyone who comes through our doors has varying beliefs, physical capabilities, and goals. Therefore, everything we do MUST be relative to the individual. The health and wellness industry is growing exponentially. People are living longer and are becoming more aware of the importance of being physically fit throughout their lives. However, improvements in technology over the years have created a world where human beings don’t need to be physical in their daily lives.

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  1. James McBride November 27, 2015 at 6:08 am Reply

    Thanks for this post. Will share this to my friends!!

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